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About Link Analyzer

How to use this Link Analyzer Tool?

The link analyzer tool is used to analyze the backlinks of a website and its related keywords. It helps in understanding the quality, quantity and authority of your backlinks. The tool also gives you an idea about how many times a keyword has been linked by other websites. You can also find out which are the top 10 referring sites for any given keyword. This will help you in improving your site's SEO.


How does it work?

This tool checks all the links pointing to your website from other websites. For each link, it checks the anchor text (the actual words that appear when someone clicks on a link), as well as the domain and path depth (how many levels deep the link goes). If there are too many or too few links, then it shows you a message with suggestions on what you should do to improve your situation.


What information does it provide?

This tool provides you with:

- A list of all the links pointing to you from other websites

- Keywords associated with those links

- Top 10 referring domains

- Top 10 referring paths

- Anchor text

- Domain

- Path depth

- Page rank


Why should I use it?

It is important to know where your traffic comes from so that you can make changes to increase the amount of traffic coming to your website. Using the link analyzer tool, you can see where most of your traffic is coming from and what kind of content people like.


Why should I trust it?

We have tested the link analyzer tool ourselves and we found it very useful. Our own analytics show us that our visitors come from different countries and search engines. So if you don't want to miss any potential traffic sources, using the link analyzer tool is definitely worth it!


How long does it take to get results?

If you enter one word into the box at the bottom of the page, it may take up to 5 seconds to get the result. However, if you enter multiple words, it may take longer.


Is it free?

Yes, this is a completely free service. There are no hidden costs or anything else. We just ask you to give us feedback after using the tool.


Do dofollow and nofollow links help in SEO?

No, they don't. They only affect the way Google displays your pages in their index. In order to optimize your website properly, you need to focus on things such as meta tags, title tags, description tags, internal linking and more.


How to Use Link Analyzer Tool?

To use the link analyzer tool simply follow these steps:

2) Enter the URL of your website

3) Click "Analyze" button

4) Wait for the analysis report to be generated

5) Download the report

6) Print it out

7) Enjoy!


How does this Link Analyzer Tool Work?

The link analyzer tool works by crawling through the web and analyzing every single link pointing to your website. It looks at the anchor text, the domain name and the path depth of each link. Then it calculates the total number of links and the average path depth. Finally, it lists the top 10 referring domains and the top 10 referring paths.

You can use this tool to check the following:

1) The total number of backlinks to your site

2) How many of them point to your homepage

3) What keywords are used in the anchor text of the backlinks

4) Which domains refer to your site

5) Which paths lead to your site

6) The average path depth of the backlinks

7) The total number of pages linked to your site

8) The top 10 referring domains